It’s been a whirlwind month for us here at kidstrokemotion. From the seed of an idea to a meeting of minds. We bounced it around with people we knew could give us valuable advice. Before our eyes, it snowballed into a project outline, a Facebook page, a post office box, an email address and a website. An idea with it’s very own URL!

Ollie_002Karen gave the instructions a test run with her own children. They got it and it worked. However kidstrokemotion comes with a caveat about the need to give children support when talking to them about their emotions. One of Karen’s children expressed feeling deep, deep sadness and that he or she thought that they were the only one that had had this bad, bad experience. These feelings were expressed with an outpouring of tears. Tears of relief that they didn’t have to carry this around inside them any more. Karen realised that she had been so in tune with her children’s behaviour and mood that she’d never directly asked them how they felt about her stoke. Knowing and asking are different things!

When Karen asked her children how they’d feel if they knew that other children have a dad or mum who has had a stroke; their faces lit up, they smiled and said ‘That’d actually feel pretty good!’


Thank you to Gail Bayly, Jude Czerenkowski, Kara Gill, Rebecca Naylor, Kerrie McCure, Amelia Taylor, Sophie Pennington and Ebru Yamen for your suggestions and assistance and thank you to our family and friends for your encouragement. We are grateful.

Now we’re really excited to share kidstrokemotion with YOU! We hope you share our enthusiasm.


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