‘Then you’re not alone any more’

As we receive submissions for kidstrokemotion, we’d like to share some of them with you.


Here’s a piece from Karen’s 8 year old son. He is standing on his own in a car park. He is crying A LOT and it is raining. ‘I felt deep, deep sadness. It’s like sadness times five billion.’ He says  ‘When your parent has a stroke you feel alone. Feeling alone is pretty much like sadness combined with that funny feeling you get when someone leaves you and you are the only one in a certain place. I really don’t like the feeling that I’m the only one who has had this bad, bad experience. If I knew other children whose mum or dad had had a stroke it would feel like it’s not just me. Then you’re not alone any more.’


2 thoughts on “‘Then you’re not alone any more’

  1. I sometimes feel alone as well and really feel alone when I think about me having my stroke as a kid. But I think about how much worse it could have been after my prognosis was id never walk or talk or worse case not live. I’m now a motivational speaker and trainer and love still proving the doctors wrong with their prognosis of my Brain Hemeriage. It’s a lonely battle at times as no one will ever understand but as a stroke ambassador I’m trying to get understanding out their more. Let’s hope the more people have understanding the better aquired head injury peoples lives will be.

    • Hi Adam. Thank you so much for sharing a little of your experience. The adults I know who had their strokes as children have a complex range of emotions, especially whilst going through their teens and into early adulthood. Would you be willing to draw us a picture or two showing how it felt for you and record a short piece on your phone, talking about your stand out feelings? Whist we are primarily wanting to get children of stroke survivors to participate, there’s definitely scope for you to be involved. We’d love it if your son was interested in participating too. He might have some great insights into how his life is different from that of his friends because his dad is a stroke survivor, even though your stroke happened a long time before he was born.
      Thanks again for your comment. Best wishes to you and your son.

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