‘My mummy has a stroke too’

An enduring impact Karen’s stroke is sensory overload. Environments with lots of movement, noise from multiple sources, bright reflected light and being touched, overwhelm her brain.

One of the most challenging situations each day is school pick up. Lots of parents and teachers starting conversations; kids running all over the place, shouting and bumping into people and her own children competing with one another for her attention.

After school, many of the younger children play on the school playground while their mothers chat. Karen’s 7 year old daughter really wants to play with her friends, but Karen isn’t able to stay in an environment with this intensity of sensory stimuli.

Karen’s daughter has this to say:

“When your mum has a stroke you don’t get to play much. All my friends go and play with their mums, but they can only do those things without your mum having a stroke. I don’t think anyone else’s mum has a stroke. That makes me feel sad. If I could talk to another girl whose mum has a stroke, I would say ‘She’s not the only person in the world whose mummy has a stroke. My mummy has a stroke too.”

My Mummy has stroke too

A drawing by Evie.

Why not get your own children drawing and talking about their feelings? We’d love them to contribute their stories to kidstrokemotion. Here’s how to participate.

Sensory overload resources.

Sensory Overload – Wikipedia
Getting Overloaded


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