I felt like a scared kitten

Depression affects up to two thirds of people who have a stroke. For stroke survivors who have children, this can make being a positive parent very difficult.

We have received a submission from Kami, a 10 year old girl from the USA. Kami’s mother sought treatment for post stroke depression.

Kami says:

Kami cat‘After my mom had her stroke, she got angry more and more and got angry quicker. I was scared when my mom got angry at me, just like a kitten is scared of being put into a car carrier. I would do arts and crafts or play with my stuffed animals and that would help me feel better.

Now, my mom doesn’t get angry like she did at first. And instead of getting stressed, my mom cuddles up with me and we watch Dr. Who together!

I would tell other kids whose mom or dad had a stroke not to worry. That their mom or dad will get better.

Now when my mom gets confused or forgets words, she doesn’t get angry anymore. We all laugh and say “stroke brain” together! I love to laugh with my mom, it makes us all feel good.’

Kami’s mom, Heather says:

‘Thank you with all my heart for your work in creating this project!! It was very empowering for Kami to be able to talk about the feelings she had when I stroked. And it made me feel good to know that she can see my progress and can see the good things that have come out of that difficult time.

Kids need to know that they its ok to share their feelings and just as much, they need to know that they will be heard.’

Would your children like to participate in kidstrokemotion? Here’s how. https://kidstrokemotion.wordpress.com/participate/

Depression and anger resources:
With the right treatment most people recover from depression. it is important to seek help.




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