The Face Box

What is Art Therapy and how can it help a child whose dad or mum has had a stroke?

A boy known to the kidstrokemotion team has faced a number of emotionally complex things in his young life. He has benefited from Art Therapy. We have chosen not to name him for reasons which we hope are self evident.

Art Therapy uses art within a therapeutic relationship to improve emotional well being. It helps develop self awareness and acceptance.

In one of his first Art Therapy sessions he drew these pictures.

Art therapy 1

The captions on these drawings say ‘No way’ ‘I am a joke’ and ‘I am an idiot’

Fast forward a year and a half and he says:

‘Today in Art Therapy the subject was ‘What’s special about you?’ So I made a thing called ‘The Face Box.’ I also made a list of things about me and faces to represent those things. The faces are made from clay. The Face Box is where I store all my faces.’

The Face Box

The Face Box


‘So the contents of the list are funny, silly, creative, happy, cheeky, hairy (because my hair is long), freaky, random and smiley. My Art Therapy teacher added, a really good person, strong (overcomes obstacles in a single bound), caring (a good big brother) and good friend.

She thought ‘strong’; like strong on the inside. We thought of that one because the most difficult thing in my life would probably be mum having a stroke.’

It is for each family affected by stroke to decide what strategies are right for them to assist and support their children. Art therapy is one option.

Would your child like to participate in kidstrokemotion? Here’s how.

Resources to support children:

Acquired Brain Injury Outreach Service – Support for Families

Stroke Foundation – Supporting Children and Grandchildren


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