A playful, happy family life

Today is the US National Stroke Association’s Positive Thinking Day. Karen is sharing her positive thought.

At the time of her stroke Karen was totally paralysed in one side of her body. The doctor told her she would never walk again. For a couple of years parenting was extremely challenging and Karen’s children often had a joyless mum. A persistent issue for Karen has been loss of touch sensation.

Karen’s positive thought is that beyond the physical and cognitive recovery of a stroke survivor and the emotional recovery of the whole family, lies a playful, happy family life.

This is what it looks like. It’s only 30 seconds long and we’d love you to have a look.

Want to get involved in the kidstrokemotion project? Find out how. 

Video shared with permission of Florey Neurosciences Institutes. Thank you to Professor Leeanne Carey, Dr Claire Parsons, Matthew Canham, Astrid Sweres and Nathanael Bates.


2 thoughts on “A playful, happy family life

  1. I understand all of this as my children were 8 and 11 at the time of my stroke. I remember the first day after my stroke I managed to get my self and my children up dressed and to school on time. I celebrated by having a cooked breakfast in front of the TV at that point I knew I could do the mothering I needed to do. Even though I could not drive walk unaided and more. But life had adapted so that we could all cope

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