Lights! Camera! Action!

kidstrokemotion is about kids sharing their feelings with other kids, through the medium of animation.

We’re beyond excited to be able to show you the first kidstrokemotion moving pictures.

So grab your popcorn, gather your kids and settle in for the kidstrokemotion promo premier!

kidstrokemotion wants to animate your story! from kidstrokemotion on Vimeo.

We hope we’ve inspired your children to draw us a picture and record a conversation to share their feelings with other kids. Want to get involved in the kidstrokemotion project? Find out how. .

We’d really appreciate you sharing our video with your family, friends and collegues to help us connect with other kids who’d like to get involved.

This video was created by Ingrid, the kidstrokemotion animator, featuring drawings and naration by Karen’s children, Oliver and Evelyn.

Ingrid is working on another video to show your kids how their drawings are animated to bring them to life, so stay tuned…


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